Living in Truth – Chronic Pain/Illness Ministry

The Living in Truth Ministry is near and dear to my heart.  My journey to recovery, well, at least knowing that I had anything to recover from, really begins with this ministry and its founder, Rae Lynn DeAngelis.  Rae Lynn was in bondage to an eating disorder for many years, but while studying the Word about the invalid at the well (John 5:1-15) she was convicted about whether or not she truly wanted to get well.  She decided that she did and through prayer and the power of God, she did just that!  She founded the Living in Truth ministry to help other women live in truth and stop believing the lies that Satan tells them.  Specifically, the Living in Truth ministry was started to combat the effects of eating disorders and negative body image and self-esteem, but it has expanded to include a women’s study group, a follow-up group to the body image group, when needed, and a group for women who suffer from chronic pain and illnesses.

In the Summer of 2008, Michael was deployed to Kuwait and I was trying to deal with some of my personal issues while he was gone so that when he got back we could deal with some of the issues in our marriage.  At the time Rae Lynn’s group was new and the first session was already underway, but she was planning another one for that Autumn/Winter.  I was convinced that I didn’t need to be in a support group for eating disorders, but denial is strong my friends…(The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9)

Linda Hutchinson suggested that I at least call Rae Lynn and talk to her about her class and so I grudgingly made the call.  Praise God that Rae Lynn is so willing to allow Him to work through her.  She prayed with me, she spoke words of wisdom to me, she strongly encouraged me and then she left it up to God.  She told me to open my Bible and let the Lord speak to me.  Now, I don’t generally do this, but that day I did and I opened immediately to John 5, the invalid at the well.  I knew then that in needed to be in that class.

I’ve been through the Living in Truth – Body Image class using the book “I’m Beautiful? Why Can’t I See It?” by Kimberly Davidson twice now and each time I learn more about myself and grow stronger in my relationship with God and in my ability to form relationships with others.  As a result of learning that, although I will always have an eating disorder, I can overcome it daily with the power of God I realized that this same strength could be applied to my physical health and the limitations that brought with it.

Earlier this year we started the Living in Truth – Chronic Pain/Illness group.  I’m so grateful to Rae Lynn for her encouragement and support in this endeavor.  It has been such a blessing for me to meet women who are fighting daily to not let Satan win the battle for their minds even when sometimes the battle for our bodies is definitely being lost.  I have learned so much from them about how I feel about being sick (our first meeting they told me I wasn’t okay being sick and they were spot on!  I wasn’t!)  They’ve taught me to fight for my rights as a patient.  Yet, most importantly, they’ve instilled in me the need to surround myself with God, my friends, things that make me happy, and to spend time immersed in the Word daily.  I’m so grateful for them.

And, so it is with extreme joy that I announce that Tuesday is the first meeting of the Living in Truth Chronic Pain/Illness Ministry in its new format.  Come as you are – whenever you can.  Tuesday nights – 7pm – Bright Christian Church

Here’s the official announcement:

Chronic Pain/Illness –
Do you feel frustrated, alone or misunderstood because of chronic pain or illness?  Are you looking for an avenue to grow closer to God but are unable to commit to a study with homework? Help is on the way! A new bible-based support group will address the unique challenges associated with chronic pain/illness and teach us to live in God’s truth!  Class is free and open to newcomers each week.  (Beginning Tuesday, Sept. 21st, 7-9pm, Room 2B) Please contact Amanda DeVer 859-240-0792,

And, a plug for Rae Lynn’s groups!  She has two groups this session.  Body Image (Monday nights) has already started, but if you need it, call her and see if she can do something or talk to her about the next session.  Fellowship/Study is on Tuesday Nights @ 7pm @ Bright Christian.  Come hang out with some great ladies (I used to and they are beautiful women, inside and out) and don’t leave until you’ve said hi!  Please visit this link for information on Rae Lynn’s groups.

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One Response to Living in Truth – Chronic Pain/Illness Ministry

  1. Bobbie Dever says:

    I love you so much Amanda and I’m so glad that you are happy with yourself because the rest of us think you are amazing!

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